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Frecon Farms Fresh Baked Pies & Dumplings

$ 4.99$ 19.99

Choose from our legendary fruit pie options below, baked fresh. Full 9″ pies with 2 lbs. of fruit in all full pies!

Frecon Farms Fresh Baked Cookies

$ 8.99$ 14.99

Legendary in every way, our cookies are second to none. All cookies come in half dozen increments. Please choose your flavor below and enjoy!

Frecon Farms Fresh Soups

$ 11.99

Made from scratch, with fine ingredients & plenty of love & care! Our fresh soups rotate with the season to capture peak flavor. A great way to simplify your next dinner or gathering… let us do the cooking, you put your feet up!

All soups QUART size containers.

Frecon Farms Fresh Pastries

$ 3.99$ 7.00

Choose from your favorite fresh baked scones & cinnamon buns.
Scones come in 2 packs.
Cinnamon Buns 4 packs.
Select your flavors below and prepare for sweet goodness!

Frecon Farms Fresh Baked Quiche

$ 19.99

Perfectly baked with high quality ingredients, our delicate, delectable pie crust and savory custard. Choose seasonal flavor options below and your order will be made fresh!

Frecon Farms Fresh Bread & Rolls

$ 4.99$ 5.49

Please choose from our famous bread varieties below including Salted Rye, Rosemary Olive Oil, Multigrain, Sourdough, *Cranberry Pecan (*only available Fridays – Sundays). And for roll options select from…Rosemary, Brioche or Multigrain roll options below. All rolls come packaged half dozen per. A great option for burgers, sandwiches or dinner rolls!

Cranberry Pecan Bread only available Fridays – Sundays

Frecon Orchards Hard Cider

$ 11.99$ 18.99

Choose from our Hard Cider varieties below. Whether you’re looking for sweet, semi sweet or dry – we have a product to fit your flavor! DRINK APPLES!

Frecon Farms Fruit Butters

$ 3.99$ 4.99

Choose from your favorite Frecon Farms fruit butter varieties below. Our very own fresh picked, perfectly ripe fruit, cooked down slow and jarred by hand! All jars are 9 oz. – NO SUGAR ADDED!

Frecon Farms Dried Apples

$ 7.99

The perfect snack, made with a blend of Gala, Gold Delicious and Stayman Winesap apples! All bags are 8 oz.

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