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5.5% ABV

Early Man

This light bodied estate cider is a select blend of our early maturing heirloom apples, featuring McIntosh & Gravenstein – from our original orchard stock. While still a dry cider, the Early Man is crisp with a light fruitiness that preserves those last remaining notes of summer. GLUTEN FREE!
4pk/12oz. BUY NOW!

5.6% ABV

Semi Sweet

A blend of mostly modern apples like Golden Rush Jonagold, Golden Delicious and Fuji with a touch of heirlooms like Winesap and Macintosh make for a light sharpness compliment with a nice bubbly taste with just the right touch of sweetness. GLUTEN FREE! 4pk/12oz. BUY NOW!

5.8% ABV

Cidre Sweet

A blend of mostly modern apples, apple juice and sugar cane with a nice bubbly taste of sweetness. GLUTEN FREE! 4pk/12oz. BUY NOW!

6.7% ABV

Cidre Cherry

NEW!!! Featuring a blend of Gold Rush as a dominant apple and Balaton Cherries with a nice bubbly taste. GLUTEN FREE! 4pk/12oz. BUY NOW!

Crabby Granny

Our cyser! A strong cider blended with lots of traditional crab apples, Granny Smith & Winesap, then balanced with sweet desert and aromatic apples. Tartness up front with wildflower and clover honey to provide a smooth finish. Bottle conditioned for a light effervescence. GLUTEN FREE!
22oz. BUY NOW!

10% ABV

8.5% ABV


This bottle conditioned sparkling New England style cider is made with a blend of tradition crab apple, Stayman Winesap & other classic & new cider apples. Fortified with brown sugar & matured on French & American Oak. GLUTEN FREE!
22oz. BUY NOW!


7.2% ABV


This bottle conditioned sparkling cider uses antique cider apples. Balancing a healthy combination of bitter sharps and sharps like Crab, Winesap, and York Imperial with just the right amount of sweets like Winter Banana to give this cider a very tart upfront profile with a light astringency. This wilder farmhouse styled fermentation combines Brettanomyces with an addition of Lactobacillus and is aged for 2 years in white barrels before bottling. The result is a slightly funky and sour, yet clean taste. GLUTEN FREE
Grown and harvested in 2016 in the piedmont region of Pennsylvania. Alc.7.2% by Vol 750mL  BUY NOW!


This still slightly off dry Apfelwien has its roots in Germany and Austria. We blend Stayman- winesap, Granny Smith, Fuji, Golden Delicious with a touch of winter banana apples. Serve chilled.
750mL BUY NOW!

8.5% ABV

8.5% ABV

Golden Russet Single Varietal

This barrel aged Single Varietal is fermented from the Golden Russet apple. It was selected for its unique cider characteristics with a high brix yield. This cider provides a combination of big upfront flavors with a long sharp dry finish. The nose speaks of autumn with aromas of honey and caramel. The taste is earthy and grassy with no carbonation.
Golden Russet Still 750mL BUY NOW!
Golden Russet Sparkling 750mL BUY NOW!


True to it’s west country heritage, this batch of Scrumpy features a diverse blend of unselected cider apples from England and the US. Barrel aged, this traditional english dry style has a nice coated mouth feel with a smooth but strong finish. This traditional dry style has an upfront brightness with nice smooth lingering finish. The apples in this blend are Dolgo Crab, Gold Rush, Kingston Black, Ashmeads Kernel, Yarlington Mill, Wickson Crab, Roxbury Russet, Winesap, Northern Spy, Golden Russet, and Golden Delicious!
Grown and Harvested in 2017 in the Piedmont region of Pennsylvania. GLUTEN FREE
Alc. 7.8% by 750mL BUY NOW!

7.2% ABV


6.9% ABV

Waes Hael

This years Waes Hael features a wild fermentation of Golden Rush apples blended with Hyslop crab apple and Golden Russet fermented cider, to provide a subtle body. Back sweetened with Balaton Tart Cherry and sweet cider, it’s a perfect winter treat of sweet and tart. Alc. 6.9%by Vol. 335 mL.


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