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Frecon Farms Fresh Baked Pies & Dumplings

$ 3.99$ 16.99

Choose from our legendary fruit pies options below, baked fresh. Full 9″ pies with 2 lbs. of fruit in all full pies!

Frecon Farms Fresh Bread & Rolls

$ 3.99$ 4.49

Please choose from our famous bread varieties below including Salted Rye, Rosemary Olive Oil, Multigrain, Sourdough, Cranberry Pecan, Cheddar Sage. And for roll options select from…Onion, Rosemary or Multigrain roll options below. All rolls come packaged half dozen per. A great option for burgers, sandwiches or dinner rolls!

Frecon Farms Fresh Baked Cookies

$ 7.49$ 65.99

Legendary in every way, our cookies are second to none. All cookies come in half dozen increments. Please choose your flavor below and enjoy!

Frecon Farms Fresh Pastries

$ 3.99$ 6.99

Choose from your favorite fresh baked cakes, scones & cinnamon buns.
Scones come in 2 packs.
Cinnamon Buns 4 packs.
Cakes are single 4 inch cakes.
Select your flavors below and prepare for sweet goodness!

Frecon Farms Fresh Baked Quiche

$ 16.99

Perfectly baked with high quality ingredients, our delicate, delectable pie crust and savory custard. Choose seasonal flavor options below and your order will be made fresh!

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