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The best meal just isn’t the same without friends and family there to enjoy it with you. At least that’s the way we look at it. And for 65 + years the Frecon family farm has been a labor of love, focused on providing Boyertown and the surrounding areas with fresh fruit, produce and local food items to enjoy with the ones they love. We’ve been local our whole lives, and there’s really not much more to it than that. Have a look below at the Frecon Family timeline to understand exactly where we’re coming from.

Early 1900s: Henry L. Frecon I begins manufacturing handmade silk scarves to supply department stores in New York, Philadelphia and other major cities.  A fortune is born, and quickly dies in the Great Depression.

1930s: Henry’s youngest son, Richard, travels the United States, working at 5 & 10s, general stores and whatever work he could find. He lands a Produce Inspection job, overseeing and monitoring fruit production in Southeastern PA. And the story begins.

1944: Richard S. Frecon settles in Berks County, PA and purchases Boyertown Fruit Farms in the “Apple Basket” of the East. He establishes Frecon Orchards, focusing on apple and peach production, revolutionizing packing procedures and growing practices.

Richard and his wife Martha raise 6 children, all of whom have worked for the family business throughout the past 65+ years. Henry II, Terri, Richard and Jerry continue and can still be found on the farm today.

1951: Richard’s mother Mary starts a small roadside stand to sell directly to travelers and passers by at the farm. The business booms and gives birth to the Fruit Basket- the perfect gift for any celebration or occasion.

1970: Henry II and his brother Jerry build a new building to help the burgeoning roadside stand blossom into one of eastern PA’s first full service retail farm markets. This establishes one of Boyertown’s longest standing family businesses – Frecon Orchards Outlet and introduces Henry to Torrie Soper- his future wife and mother of his children.

1980s & 1990s: Torrie joins the team and continues to build the retail business, integrating gourmet foods, seasonal plants and fine foods of all kinds- a model followed closely by today’s booming farmer’s market scene. Henry II and Torrie’s children- Hank, Laura, Steve and Jenny- grow up as the business grows out.

2005: Hank and Steve Frecon, with the help of long time friend Chris Adukaitis launch and Frecon’s Pick Your Own apples & pumpkins attracting visitors from all over the tri-state area and delivering the long famous Frecon gift baskets to an online audience.

2007: Hank, Steve and Chris buy Frecon Orchards Outlet from Henry II and Torrie, change the name to Frecon Farms and continue pursuing direct to consumer opportunities, growing the PYO business and launching a series of on-the-farm events to allow families to enjoy the farm and its bounty, just as they did as kids.

2010: Frecon Farms takes it’s show on the road, joining forces with direct to consumer organizations throughout southeastern PA and delivering Frecon’s fresh fruit to farmers markets from Philadelphia to the Lehigh Valley. Frecon’s annual Bluegrass Festival- The PickFest- receives regional recognition and record attendance and the first ever Frecon’s Hard Cider is launched, providing cider enthusiasts with farm fresh, handcrafted hard ciders made with Frecon fruit.

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