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Frecon Farms Cookie Tray

$ 29.99$ 59.99

cookie trays

Frecon Farms Cranberry Apple Cider Vinaigrette

$ 4.49

Cranberries, apples and cider vinegar bring a fall twist to your salad any time of the year.

Frecon Farms Gift Card

$ 25.00$ 200.00

Send that someone special the gift of great taste! Choose your value and we can either send it out on your behalf or you can pick up in our farm market.

*Gift cards can be redeemed for fine food & beverage at the Frecon Farms location in Boyertown, PA. This card cannot be used at any of our community farmers market locations. This card cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be used for the purchase of alcohol. No value until activated. Valid for one year from purchase date.*

Frecon Farms Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip

$ 4.99

Sweet and sour party time favorite. Also a great glaze for chicken.


Frecon Farms Multigrain Bread

$ 5.49 $ 4.49

Hearty, nutritious and great for everything, everyday.

Frecon Farms Multigrain Rolls

$ 2.99$ 5.99

1 dozen multigrain rolls

Frecon Farms Onion Rolls

$ 2.99$ 5.99

1 dozen onion rolls

Frecon Farms Pear Butter

$ 4.99

Our favorite blend of ripe fall pears, sweetened with fruit juice and ready any snack, breakfast, poultry and pork dishes. No sugar added.

Frecon Farms Pecan Print Cookies

$ 5.49$ 9.99

Rich butter pecans nestled in our soft batch sugar cookies. Buy one and you’ll soon be buying them by the dozen.


Frecon Farms Pub Beer Mustard Dip

$ 4.99

Dip your favorite pretzel or chip in this signature sweet and tangy mustard!

Frecon Farms Pumpkin Butter

$ 4.99

A fall favorite blended with spices, oranges, and lemons. Great to start your day or top off a hearty fall meal.

Frecon Farms Pumpkin Pie

$ 14.99

All Frecon Farms pies are baked with simplest, freshest ingredients in our famous butter crust for the perfect dessert. Our pies proudly feature our own fruit & are sure to make you the talk of the table!

Frecon Farms Pumpkin Spice Cookies

$ 5.49$ 9.99

Our special Pumpkin Spice cookies are a perfect addition to your holiday desserts.

Frecon Farms Raspberry Vinaigrette

$ 4.49

A light and fruity vinaigrette. Perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day.

Frecon Farms Red Raspberry Pretzel Dip

$ 4.99

Sweet and sour party time favorite. Also a great glaze for chicken.

Frecon Farms Roasted Garlic Dressing

$ 4.49

Creamy roasted garlic perfection for a sophisticated salad.